Jessica: Cook, Creative Mind, Owner

Jessica, aliases: Jess, JB, J. Boehme. I have a BA in Environmental Studies from Seattle University and an ABA Advanced Paralegal Certification. Over the years I have worked in a few different arenas: Pizza cook, restaurant manager, Environmental Assessments & Analysis's for the Corp. of Engineers Regulatory Division and Case work for Seattle's Prosecuting Attorneys Office Criminal Division. I have been in the pizza industry for over 15 years and that is my passion.  I also have a love for the environment, community, travel, and culture.  With my various back grounds I have put together green programs in several companies and have been a consultant on  pizza shop openings in the Seattle area. All my knowledge and experience has put me where I am today. The Owner of Wicked Pies, a green, NYC style, pizza food truck. The 3 things I love to do all in one: pizza, travel & the environment. What more could I ask for! Well, other than being able to travel to other countries in my truck and sell my pizza. Pizza & Dreams!